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Safety First

Please listen to everything that our trained tour guides have to tell you. They have been through this many times and are able to teach new drivers once they are attentive.

Top 10 ATV Golden Rules
1. Always wear protective gear.
2. One person Rides at a time.
3. Listen to safety course instructions.
4. Do not Ride the ATV if you are too small or too big.
5. Never ride on the road without tour guide.
6. Follow the group. Do not stray.
7. Respect Private property.
8. Respect your ATV
9. Never use alcohol or drugs 
10. Listen to all the rules.

License & Insured

Every rider that rents an ATV must obtain a temporary drivers license. This license is a manditory criteria issued by the government of Grenada. This also means that all riders must obey the usual road rules when operating an All Terrian Vehicle.

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