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Tour 1

Hogg Island Tour is one of our most requested tours. The tour begins on a beach and takes you through Grande Anse to a Parish called Woodlands. It is there we embark on the off road section of the tour, where one of our talented experienced tour guides take  you through rugged terrain to a secluded island. You then get to cross one of Grenada's newest bridges built to cross over to one of the 10 islands surrounding Grenada. It doesn't stop there as you get to cross the bridge and tour the island, take pictures and enjoy the rarest scenic views.

After a short break the group is taken to a beach where guest are offered a complementary meal, along with a beverage of their choice. Once you taste some of our local cuisine you get the chance to enjoy the beautiful world renowned Grande Anse beach. This is where the tour concludes, but usually guest tend to stay end enjoy the beach along with some alcoholic beverages.

This tour is rated #1 by Travel reps from around the world.

Tour 2

The Quarantine Point tour is 100% the choice for sight seeing fanatics. This tour consists of visiting 2 of the islands best peninsula's. We take guests through Lance Aux Epines where they get to visit one of the islands oldest light houses. That scene offers the spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean where they get to see a different kind of coastal structure. The tour then takes you to Quarantine point where guest get to see the calmer Caribbean Sea. These phenomenal views allow the guest to see most of the southern part of the island without actually visiting it. Once you fill your appetite with pictures to take memories back home, you then get to visit the Kalinago Hotel, where you then get to entice a different appetite. The guest are allowed a complementary meal of their choice along with a beverage. Once your tummy is pleased, you then get to enjoy a relaxing swim on Grenada's famous BBC beach, or just lay on the sand under some shade while you cool off.

The tour concludes with the guest being taken back to the spot where the tour all began. This tour has been named one of the most exciting tours by both locals and foreigners. Book today to experience the fun.

Tour 3

St. George's downtown tour takes you through the heart of Grenada's capital city. Most people who join this tour do so to get a real feel for the raw island, it's people and their culture. Our guest get to visit sites like the Historic Fort, where wars were fought over 300 years ago. You get to see the fish market, that provides fresh fish and other marine life to most of the island. The tour takes you through the Carenage, where you get to visit local stores, shop at local markets, and enjoy the many pleasures that downtown has to offer.

This tour takes roughly 2.5 hours, and we usually suggest that guest bring some extra cash so that they can purchase souvenirs to take home as an everlasting memory.

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